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The difference in knowledge and experience between adults and children

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Date 2023-03-23

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     Adults have a great amount of knowledge and experience, but children don't. It is absurd to demand children to decide on matters that may put them in dangerous or difficult situations

just because they also have the right for self-determination. Children do not have enough knowledge and experience to judge right or wrong on their own. Any right is accompanied by the

responsibility. Adults have both right and responsibility for their decision in the process of self-actualization. However, children and teenagers have the right to be protected and make trials

and errors, but they don't have the responsibility for their decision. In this sense, it is not right to assume that children have enough knowledge and experience on sexuality and the right 

for self-determination on sex. 

     The same applies to run-away teenagers. People may think that they left home because they decided and judged for the best and adults must respect children's decision to run-away 

from home. We cannot assume that children have the right to leave home and the responsibility to take the consequences and just leave all the matter to them. Adults must protect 

children and teenagers in all circumstances with respect to the activation of sexuality or other matters. 

     The reality is harsh to children. so many children and teenagers are taken advantage of by adults and they end up being demanded to take responsibilities for all the dire consequences. 

We can never assume the adults ideas are right and children's ideas are wrong, either. Adults must try to understand how children perceive, remember, and express in every aspect and use 

their knowledge and experience to help children and teenagers develop healthy body and mind. No on can be convinced that their own idea is only the right one. 

     Things can become serious and even fatal when children are demanded to do as they want and take the responsibility with respect to sexuality. Distorted activation of sexuality during

teenage years can damage their body and mind in a serious way, so children and teenagers are better of by limiting their exposure to sexuality to the minimum and must not be held

responsible for their mistakes. Teenage years is not the period when they form human relationships involving  sexuality yet. They should be able to form healthy self-identity under the 

protect of adults and without activating sexuality. 



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