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The right for self-determination on sex must operate in the unconscious

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Date 2023-03-21

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     Men must not have the right to activate sexuality and women must have the right to activate sexuality after they accurately understand the operational 

mechanism of human sexuality. Men should not have the right for activating sexuality since their mind operates based on moods and instead of feelings. When 

men think consciously, they automatically generate stress, so men are recommended to stop thinking when they feel stressed, which is a good way of healing for 

men. When men develop intense negative moods or psychological disorders, They find themselves not being able to do anything and feeling psychological 

difficulties. Then, trying to feel positive moods make them feel even worse making the conditions deteriorate further. They may question themselves why they 

should be alive. They need urgent intervention to prevent dire consequences. Men who seriously ponder about meanings of life are considered to have a 

psychological disorder.  

     It is hard to make men do things they don't like. Teachers who teach boys should be familiar with such situations. Boys end to go more unruly than girls. 

This mechanism explains why girls have higher academic achievement then boys in general. Furthermore, there are more women teachers than men teachers in

elementary schools, which makes it hard for boys' psychological operations of perception, memory, and expression to be understood and properly managed.

     Men do not have the right for self-determination on sex. Men cannot recognize feelings of happiness since they activate xes psychology based on moods. 

Women can since they activate xes psychology based on feelings, which continue even after sensory stimulation disappears. When people learn about this 

mechanism, they don't have to experience unnecessary conflicts in relationships and individually. The right of self-determination on sex operates in the unconscious

instead of the conscious. It should operate without generating stress and wounds in the conscious.  

     The right of self-determination on sex activated in the conscious necessarily cause generating stress and wounds. When it is activated in distorted ways in the

unconscious, many problems occur with respect to sexuality. The current sex education directs children and teenagers in the wrong direction. Even the law burdens 

a 14 year-old girl to decide whether she truly loves a man who is 40 years old and who definitely manipulated the girl to believe that she loves him in the assumption

that she should know how human mind and sexuality operate. Teenagers must not be held responsibility for what they do yet sexually or otherwise. It is important 

that teenagers as well as adults learn about the operational mechanism of human mind and sexuality and internalize the concepts in their unconscious. 



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