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Adverse effects of conventional sex education

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Date 2021-01-04

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Children who have learned about sex and children who have not employ different operations of mind and psychology. Even their facial expressions are

 different. Once girls learn about sex, they begin to connect sex with attention and consolation and sometimes confuse it with love. We sometimes find news

 reports about a very old man and a very young girl falling in love and getting married. It happens because the girl does not understand about the operational

 mechanism of human mind and psychology and misunderstands that the old man loves her since he seems to give attention and consolation that is actually

 supposed to come from her parents. The girl is not ready to make major decisions such as getting married since she is still in the process of forming her habits

 and thought standards from the psychological perspective.


These days, teenagers are provided with sex education and guided to take responsibility for their actions. However, since they are not provided with education

 about how human mind and psychology operate, it is like they are being forced to take responsibilities without being informed sufficiently for all the related

 aspects. Therefore, imposing teenagers to take responsibility with the right of self-determination on sex does not make any sense as far as the current

 educational trend continues.


When children learn about sex as a part of knowledge education, they are more easily exposed to inappropriate and abusive situations regarding sexuality. 

Boys become to connect sex with positive moods and girls with attention and consolation. However, when teenagers are educated about the operational

 mechanism of human mind and psychology before or along with sex education, they become much better equipped with standards to judge situations they

 encounter and decide on their actions. It has been shown that children who have learned about the mechanism of human mind and psychology can

 differentiate between moods and feelings and passion and love as well as fundamental psychological aspects of sexuality, and can protect themselves better

 from undesirable or dangerous situations.


Ironically, conventional sex education as a form of knowledge education has resulted in not preventing but promoting sex crimes against children. 

Information on sex is being transfered to children without proper guidance and protection through not only sex education but also media and SNS, and

 children are put in danger of developing psychological problems through premature and excessive exposure to sex in diverse ways.



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