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What is the right of self-determination on sex?

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Date 2020-12-26

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Everyone has the right to decide on their own sexual actions. No one should be forced against one’s own will or misguided based on misunderstanding. The right

of self-determination on sex must be based on the accurate understanding of xes psychology of men and women. 

Women develop good feelings toward men before they activate xes psychology and it usually takes time. In case of love at first sight, females usually have

 the past memories or the ideal image of the type of men they like and the man they fall in love with at first sight happens to match the image in their


Women do not easily develop good feelings toward men they meet in a short time. When they form good feelings, then they may begin to develop feelings of

 love as the next stage, which also takes time. When women have feelings of love toward a man, they try to get attention form the man and may express

 negative feelings when their desire for attention is not fulfilled. Then, as the final stage, women may activate xes psychology and still, may or may not develop

 the desire for sex. 

The activation of xes psychology for women is for maintaining and confirming feelings of love thereby generating feelings of happiness. Women may be able to

 take xes actions (having sex) when they can activate xes psychology and they will feel happy. 

Thus, women develop good feelings, then develop feelings of love, then activate xes psychology, and finally take xes actions. Since the mind of human females

 is designed to follow this process for generating feelings of love and happiness with stabilized psychology, missing one of the above components or changing

 the order of the process may cause psychological wounds. Women’s wounds operate in memory continuously, so their effect is greater than the effect of

 stress, which is present only with stimulation. Also, wounds involving xes psychology affect psychology more adversely than general wounds. 

For males, passion is more important than love. With passion, men can get immersed into positive moods and when they feel positive moods their xes

 psychology is activated. The activation of xes psychology does not necessarily involve sexual desire or xes actions (having sex). Men’s xes psychology and

 xes actions are two separate entities. Men’s positive moods simply activate xes psychology. Of course, men may take xes actions when xes psychology is

 activated depending on circumstances and psychological conditions.


Women may take xes actions in order to confirm their feelings of love and achieve present happiness after some prolonged period of having good feelings and

 then activating xes psychology. In case of men, xes actions and xes psychology are connected with positive moods with passion, which can temporarily exist

 only when stimulation is present.



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